Ferguson Hill Loudspeaker FH001

The Ferguson Hill Loudspeakers are full range units from 150 Hz - 20 KHz, with no crossover, however, a sub bass unit is required below 150 Hz. They reproduce music with a high level of clarity, detail and dynamics, are highly efficient, and will go loud with just a few watts (5 watts). This allows their use with relatively low powered amplifiers further increasing the level of clarity obtainable, from such relatively 'simple' amplifier circuits.

Speaker dimensions
Height 1.65m
Width 0.92m
Depth 0.72m

Drive unit Modified Lowther DX3
Sensitivity 1 m/1 KHz/1 watt 100db
Nominal impedence 8 ohm
Weight 27 kg each without damping fill

The stands are a welded stainless steel construction, satin polished, with internal damping, integral spikes, supplied with floor protector discs.

The horns are made from toughened cast acrylic, precision moulded, 8 mm thick.The support ring and phase plug are precision machined from aluminium alloy, and have a protective anodised finish.The drive unit is a modified Lowther DX3 full range driver.

They require a sub bass/sub woofer from 150 Hz down, with level control, ideally taking the signal from the preamp stage.

Recommended amplifier power, 3 to 50 watts, they are ideally suited to low power valve amps, and also work well with high quality transistor amps. (A demonstration with your chosen amp is highly recommended).

Ferguson Hill Bass Units FH002

The Ferguson Hill bass system is designed to visually and acoustically match the FH001 Loudspeakers, giving a seamless integration between the sub woofers and the horn speakers. The FH002 Bass Units come as a pair of clear acrylic spheres, with 300 mm drive units and a distributed port loading. The Bass Amplifier enclosure is mirror-polished stainless steel, fully damped and its frequency response is set to complement the FH001 Loudspeaker.

Specifications FH002 Bass Units
Dimension 600mm diameter sphere
Drive unit 300mm diameter/high efficiency
Internal volume 150 litres
Internal wiring high purity silver/PTFE sleeve
Nominal impedance 4 ohms

FH003 Bass Amplifier

Power 100 watts per channel into 4 ohms
Bipolar transistor/push pull Class B
Filter frequency 150Hz/24db per octave attenuation
Thermal cut-off protection